ASUS Voters Go Old School for DSC Elections

Brendan Goodman 05/03/2015

The Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) announced today that the Departmental Student Council (DSC) elections will be held using paper ballots. This announcement comes after faulty lists from the registrar’s office caused incorrect and inconsistent ballots to be sent to voters. In a written statement, Emily Graham, the current ASUS Academics Commissioner said “In an effort to preserve the legitimacy of the election, we have made the decision to close online voting and move to a paper balloting system. Any vote tendered online will not count towards the final tally”. This is not the first time there have been problems with voting lists in ASUS elections. In the past, Physical Education and Kinesiology who have de-ratified from ASUS and should not receive ballots have found them in their email inbox.

This change has brought about concerns from students with regards to ease of voting and the effect this will have on turnout. “The process to vote now is a kerfuffle. You have to go to the ASUS core, present your student card, and then pull your plan selection up on your own cell phone, and then you get your paper ballots for respective minors, majors, and medials. If you don’t have a data plan and aren’t connected to ASUS WiFi, you can see how that could be problematic” Said Emma Jones, POLS ’16. However, some are still in favour for reasons of legitimacy. Forrest Donaldson, a current ASUS representative, stated “They made the right call to protect the integrity of the election, which frankly is more important than turn out”.

Commissioner Graham responded to these concerns, saying that ASUS is working to combat any effects on turnout this issue will cause. “To maximize opportunities for students to vote under the circumstances, the voting period will be extended until Monday, March 9th at 6pm. Polling stations will be at the ASUS Core, the JDUC, and Mac-Corry”. This change adds two days of polling to the election, which was set to close Friday.

To vote, visit the following locations at the times below:

ASUS Core – Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm

Mac Corry – Friday 9am-6pm

JDUC, Lower Ceilidh – Monday 9am-6pm


Brendan Goodman is a Co-Editor-in-Chief at the Queen’s Tartan