Relay for Life Unites Students in Fight Against Cancer

On March 13, hundreds of Queen’s students will gather in the ARC Main Gym for a Friday night sleepover to celebrate (what hopes to be) a total of over $50 […]


The House Rules

For the sake of thematic consistency, “I’m just going to lay it out for you.” Second year has a reputation of expectations, and disappointments. An idealized university house has a […]


Sharing Your Home with Pets

I have noticed lately that there appear to be an excessive amount of pets being sold over the popular Queen’s Facebook page “Free and For Sale”. A large proportion of […]


Housing Heads-Up

I know what you’re feeling, frosh, and like a printer thirty minutes before a deadline, I can sense your fear. It’s January 11th, and you don’t know where you’re living […]



Cha Gheil. Those words meant very little when we first arrived on campus, and even today it is something just yelled at Gaels games. I remember being told that Highland […]

new years

Stopping Spectating: A New-Years Resolution

Over the winter break, while in the car on the way back home, my father and I got into a discussion about growing up today, and he expressed how lucky […]


Is the Feminism In Pop Culture the Representation We Need?

With the focus that’s been on feminism in the media lately, it’s worth asking whether this is a valid progression for gender equality, or just a trend that will pass. […]