Campus Club Launches New Comic Book

Brendan Montgomery 05/03/2015

The Queen’s Comic Book Legion, is released the first ever student made comic book at Queen’s on Saturday February 28th at their launch event hosted by Kingston Gaming Nexus. This event celebrated the hard work put in by eight artists and two writers who made this brand new comic book possible.

Gael Force tells the story of five students from different faculties at Queen’s who use their extraordinary powers to protect Queen’s from villainous threats. This is a story of action and mystery which captures the student experience in an exaggerated way. This first issue is the first in a three part series, the next two of which are already in development and expected to be released next school year. The comic book is being printed by local printer PrintFusion which will make the book completely made in Kingston from start to finish.

The project was started by club president Brendan Montgomery. His goal with the project was to create a new creative outlet for students to express themselves while further expanding comic book readership at Queen’s. The comic book industry as a whole is growing rapidly due to the success of major motion pictures like the Avengers and Brendan wants Queen’s to get in on the action. All characters were created by students during last school year. Writers then worked on the script and storyboarding. Then the club’s team of artists drew the pages for the book throughout 2014. As pages were completed they were scanned and drawn digitally. Colour and dialogue was added to finish the pages off.

Going forward the club is expecting to release issue 2 this fall as well as another special comic book which is being kept under wraps for the moment. The club will also continue to offer comic related discussions at its weekly meetings and special events throughout the year including movie nights, art sessions and socials. Gael Force can be purchased at Kingston Gaming Nexus now, and will also be available at King Con on March 14th

More information about the club can be found at their website


Brendan Montgomery is  President of the Queen’s Comic Book Legion